Common Questions About Complex Care Plan

1. How much does the plan cost?

Complex Care Plan is priced on a per report basis and invoiced only for the care plans you create and only after billings have been reimbursed. Please contact us for detailed pricing information.

2. Is Complex Care Plan available across Canada?

Complex Care Plan is currently available in British Columbia and Alberta, with more provinces coming online soon. If you are looking for Complex Care Plan in other Canadian Provinces, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US to alert you when it is available.

3. With which EMRs does Complex Care Plan work?

Complex Care Plan is integrated with Telus Health’s Wolf and Med Access EMR systems, with plans to add Telus Health’s Collaborative Health Record (CHR) soon. Integrations with other EMR systems are currently under investigation.

4. What about the privacy and security of patient and clinic data?

We take the privacy and security of all patient and clinic data very seriously. The management, use and storage of such sensitive information are subject to government legislation and regulations to which we fully adhere. Coalese Health’s software is subject to privacy impact assessments accepted by the governments of all provinces in which we operate.

5. What is involved in the setup of your software in my clinic?

Installation and setup will involve no time or hassle for anyone on your clinic team. Our software is cloud-based, so all setup and installation occurs behind the scenes – no disruption to your clinic, practice or existing systems. Nothing is touched in your clinic, and that includes the EMR itself.

All you need to do is:

  1. Sign a Telus-approved standard letter authorizing Telus to link our software to your clinic’s data.
  2. Provide us with the names of the physicians in your clinic and the information required to set up log-ins.
  3. Provide us with other minimal administrative information necessary for preparing a Privacy Impact Assessment on your behalf for submission to the privacy office in your province.

We do the rest.

6. Which specific information in the electronic medical records does Complex Care Plan examine when producing a Complex Care Plan report?

In producing a Complex Care Plan report, and in determining eligibility for each patient, the Coalese Health software performs a comprehensive scan of the electronic health record and applies analytics where applicable. This scan includes an examination of general patient information (name, health number, birthdate, height and weight, etc.) as well as health issues, allergies, medications, lab results, upcoming appointments, physician billings, and more.