About Us

Value-added tools to enhance health outcomes and increase revenue

Designed by physicians for physicians. Proactive care plans that empower physicians and patients to lower the costs of healthcare

Coalese Health’s vision is to provide what every patient and clinic operator wants: relevant and easy-to-understand data that engage patients to proactively manage their own health and help doctors deliver better healthcare. Our software product, Complex Care Plan, was conceived, developed and improved over several years by a group of practising family physicians, focused on creating tools that provide best evidenced and preventative care for patients. 

Today, physicians using Complex Care Plan spend less time manually creating care plans and more time with patients. They spend less time planning and more time engaging patients with insightful lists, charts, graphs, and prescribed actions based on shared goals. As a result, patients are empowered to proactively manage their health for better outcomes.

Coalese Health’s Complex Care Plan leverages the data that comprises electronic medical records to provide innovative improvements to health care delivery. Coalese Health positively impacts patient care and health outcomes while providing physicians and clinics with additional revenue opportunities.